CCB Services has an expert team of experienced professional painters that provide high quality painting services for both residential and commercial buildings. We provide timely and budget friendly painting services across a range of client needs including cosmetic, structural and functional requirements.
We are a company specialized in custom paint solutions: ecological, industrial paints, textured finishes, and microcements. We can offer fast solutions with the best finish, under the strictest quality protocols and standards.

CCB Services is synonymous with quality and professionalism

We have a team of interior designers and decorators who will advise during the painting process, to achieve the best results. We manage to create warm, modern, comfortable or modern environments, according to your needs and what you have in mind. Painting can generate emotions, and change an interior space quickly. Our team is aware of this, and will guide you in this process. Our human team always works under strict quality protocols, as well as health and hygiene, to avoid damage, stains and unwanted surprises after a comprehensive painting project.

Contact us and we will offer you a personalized solution, tailored to you and with the best budget, without any commitment.

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