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CCB Services has an expert team of experienced professional painters that provide high quality painting services for both residential and commercial buildings. We provide timely and budget friendly painting services across a range of client needs including cosmetic, structural and functional requirements.


Our residential and commercial construction services are focused on making sure your building is constructed as designed and delivered on time within the agreed budget. Leverage our team of expert engineers, designers, builders and labourers specialized in commercial and residential construction projects.

Floor Installation

Floor installation projects can be an integrated part of a full build or we can be contracted to install the floors only. We take pride in our expert team of flooring experts that will delight your family, prospective buyers or tenants with amazing floors based on your choice of floor coverings.


Remodeling projects can be complex and costly if not done right. We have many years of experience delivering projects that require high quality finesse and great attention to detail while remaining within budgeted costings and delivery timelines.

Janitorial Services

Keeping your premises clean can be mission critical to the success of your business. A dirty environment can quickly make clients doubt your competence and it will hamper the productivity of your employees. In the end, you’ll incur more loses in the form of client loyalty, poor employee output, increased health cost, and in some cases you’ll get into trouble with the authorities and the law.

Post Construction Cleaning

Looking for a post-construction cleaning service completed by exceptionally skilled professional? Then you’ll be at home with CareClean Building services post-construction cleaning solutions.

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A world class residential and commercial construction company

CCB Services is known for its amazing team of experienced, local expert builders with many years of delivering outstanding quality projects throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Our core services focus on painting, construction, remodeling and floor installation. Timely delivery of jobs is paramount to everything we do at CCB Services and we guarantee that all our labourers will show up as scheduled and that your jobs will be completed as planned and in line with the agreed budget.


We know how difficult it is to wait, delivery times and stick to a budget. CCB Services, commits with its clients to adjust to all the terms, as well as to the budget. Our team of technicians and experts know their work well and will carry it out to avoid disappointment as a client. From residential houses to luxurious houses. From large construction sites to small remodeling projects. CCB Services has carried out a multitude of comprehensive remodeling, painting and construction projects. Our human and technical team is at your disposal and offers you its experience to start with what you set out to do. Whether starting from 0 a new construction, to completely remodel your home. Nothing will prevent us from doing it, in the best way, and adjusting to your expectations and budget.

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We deliver Outstanding Consistent Janitorial Services resulting in qualified customers experience and with Best Practice Follow-Up by our clients.

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